Package Offers

Our Package Offers are at the moment consisting of the following:

TechnoGym Excite series complete gym package

TechnoGym Excite series complete gym package includes the following:

2 ps Treadmills TechnoGym excite, 2 ps bikes, 2 ps rec bikes, 2 ps cross, 2 ps vario cross with double handles, Incline bench press, Chest press, Peck deck, Smith, Cable cross, Curl bench, Power rack, 4 station, Chin dip stand, Shoulder press, Abdominal, Lower back, Lat machine, Lats pull down, Seated Row, Biceps, Triceps, Leg ext, Leg curl, Leg press, 2 ps Abdominal bench, Lower back bench.

All equipments in good condition

Price: 33 000 Euro


2 ps of Well system relax plus beds with face covers. These are demo models but in very good conditions, practically new.

Price: 2 ps for 30 000 Euro. (original price 30 000 Euro/ps)

HUR System Pneumatic Exercise Machines

HUR System pneumatic exercise machines complete series of 8 pieces, 3 machines with double functions. Including compressor and all wiring. All equipments in very good condition.

Price: 10 000 Euro

Medical / Massage Benches

4 Pieces of medical / massage benches, 3 with electrical adjustments and 1 piece of lower back stretcher. All equipments in good condition.

Price: 5000 Euro